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امیر میرکمالی

Change All string fields collation


@NewCollation varchar(255)

,@Stmt nvarchar(4000)

,@DBName sysname

set @NewCollation = 'SQL_Latin1_General_CP1256_CI_AS' -- change this to the collation that you need

set @DBName = DB_NAME()


@CName varchar(255)

,@TName sysname

,@OName sysname

,@Sql varchar(8000)

,@Size int

,@Status tinyint

,@Colorder int

declare curcolumns cursor read_only forward_only local

for select







from syscolumns C

inner join systypes T on C.xtype=T.xtype

inner join sysobjects O on C.ID=O.ID

inner join sysusers u on O.uid = u.uid

where T.Name in ('varchar', 'char', 'text', 'nchar', 'nvarchar', 'ntext')

and O.xtype in ('U')

and C.collation != @NewCollation

and objectProperty(O.ID, 'ismsshipped')=0

order by 3, 1

open curcolumns


begin tran

fetch curcolumns into @CName, @TName, @OName, @Size, @Status, @Colorder

while @@FETCH_STATUS =0


set @Sql='ALTER TABLE '+@OName+' ALTER COLUMN '+@CName+' '+@TName+ isnull ('('

+CASE @Size WHEN -1 then 'max' else convert(varchar,@Size) end+')', '') +' COLLATE '+ @NewCollation

+' '+case when @Status=1 then 'NULL' else 'NOT NULL' end

--exec(@Sql) -- change this to print if you need only the script, not the action


fetch curcolumns into @CName, @TName, @OName, @Size, @Status, @Colorder


close curcolumns

deallocate curcolumns

commit tran

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